Electric forklift manufacturer:Kinlift Forklifts

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Main products:


Provide partners with competitive electric warehousing forklift, electric reach forklift, electric counterbalanced forklift, electric tow tractor, electric pallet stacker, order picker, as well as some other customized products in terms of the customers’ requirements


About electric forklift manufacturer:


We are an equipment manufacturer specializing in electric warehousing forklift, and committed to research & development, production, sales of light & compact warehousing transport vehicles, offers the customers the optimal solutions of the special material handling, transport, stacking. Our factory passed ISO9001,Quality Management Certification, all the products of electric forklift series have obtained“ Special Equipment Manufacturing License Certificate”, in addition of possessing a number of Utility Model Patents issued by China National Intellectual Property Administration.


Our factory  covers 25,000 square meter, with 250 employees, had set up different corporate departments by excellent human resource plus sophisticated processing equipment, which is the guarantee and foundation for offering the customers all the superior products.


Electric forklift manufacturer:Kinlift Forklifts


Here is our service:


1)All of our products will be in perfect quality, meet clients standard, no damage or dirty.


2) Delivery on time.


3) Offer 1 year after sales service to tracking and monitoring the quality of all products.


The core values of Kinlift is“ Quality First, Reliable Technology, Sophisticated Management, Marketing of Service.


The Credo of King-lift: Quality is Power, Service is evergreen, Customer is Future.


Our products:


1)Electric Reach Forklift Series: electric reach forklift with rider platform, electric reach sit -down forklift, electric reach stand-up forklift, electric high-functioning reach sit-down forklift


2)Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Series:fully electric counterbalanced stacker, pedestrian counterbalanced electric forklift, high-lifting order picker, short-wheelbase counterbalanced electric forklift, counterbalanced electric forklift with rider platform, counterbalanced electric forklift 3-wheeler,electric counterbalanced 4-wheeler forklift


3)Electric Tow Tractor Series:electric handle-operated tow tractor, electric seated tow tractor with steering wheel, tow tractor


4)Electric Pallet Stacker Series:electric pallet stacker of self loading, walkie battery-powered pallet stacker, pedestrian li-ion pallet stacker,economical electric pallet stacker,battery-powered stacker,electric pallet stacker with rider platform,fully electric stacker,heavy load capacity battery-powered stacker,pedestrian electric stacker


5)Electric Pallet Truck Series:electric pallet jack,electric Li-ion pallet truck,


6)Optimal solutions that suits non-standard logistic material handling and stacking :tow tractor with lifting function,yarn spindle truck,counterbalanced truck of oil barrel,material platform truck,rotary boom stacker,2.5tonnes sit-down  stacker,vehicle with string rod rotator,paper drum truck,5-6 tonne truck and so on


Electric forklift manufacturer:Kinlift Forklifts


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About electric forklift supplier:


Our company was established as a professional Bedding Products manufacturer, which one will devote itself to manufacture all kinds of Waterproof, Bed Bugs proof, Anti-Allengens, Anti-Dust Mites Mattress Protectors and Encasements. At present, the factory has 10,000+ square meters for production, 4 production workshops, 10 composite machines lines, many sewing machines and other equipments,it has passed SGS,ISO9001,BSCI,OEKO Certification. We promise that all of our products will be in perfect quality and will meet every standard you required, no damage or dirty products will be delivered to you, we will offer 2 years after sales service to tracking and monitoring the quality of all products. We believe in providing the highest quality products at the best value, the healthy living for lifestyle, and the eco-friendly practice to our environment. Our Value to the customers


1. Accountability We will take responsibility and account for our actions and will do so willingly.


2. 2.Integrity We will consistently display high standards of ethical, honesty and professional business practice to our customer.


3. 3. Delivery We will always strive to deliver what we have committed to do, on time and to the highest standard.


4. 4. Teamwork We will collaborate to achieve common goals through mutual respect, openness and flexibility.


5. 5. Continuous Learning We will encourage individuals and teams to generate new ideas, share knowledge, and adapt business practices to be the best in our industry


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