What are the Structural Components of the Counterbalance Forklift?

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What are the Structural Components of the Counterbalance Forklift?


①Power unit


There are two kinds of internal combustion engines and battery-electric motors for forklifts as power devices. For occasions with stricter requirements on noise and air pollution, the battery-motor should be used as the power. If the internal combustion engine is used, a muffler and an exhaust gas purification device should be installed.


② Transmission


It is used to transmit the motive force to the driving wheel, and there are three kinds of mechanical, hydraulic and hydraulic. The mechanical transmission consists of a clutch, a gearbox and a drive axle. The hydraulic transmission consists of a torque converter, a power shift gearbox and a drive axle. The hydraulic transmission device is composed of hydraulic pump, valve and hydraulic motor. The characteristic of the counterbalance forklift transmission is that the number and speed of forward and backward gears are roughly the same.


③Steering device


It is used to control the driving direction of the forklift, and is generally composed of a steering gear, a steering rod and a steering wheel. Forklifts below 1 ton generally use mechanical steering gear, and counterbalance forklifts above 1 ton mostly use power steering gear. The characteristic of the steering device of the counterbalanced forklift is that the steering wheel is at the rear of the vehicle body.


④Working device


A mechanism for lifting goods, also known as a gantry. It consists of inner mast, outer mast, fork frame, fork, sprocket, chain, lifting cylinder and tilt cylinder. The lower end of the outer mast is hinged on the frame, and the middle part is hinged with the tilting oil cylinder. Due to the expansion and contraction of the tilting cylinder, the mast can be tilted forward and backward (the inclination is generally 6°~12°), so that the fork and the goods are stable during the handling process. The inner gantry has rollers and is embedded in the outer gantry, and the inner gantry can partially extend out of the outer gantry when it rises. The fork frame has rollers, which are embedded in the inner mast and can move up and down. The bottom of the lifting cylinder is fixed on the lower part of the outer mast, and the piston rod of the cylinder moves up and down along the lead rod on the inner mast.


⑤Hydraulic system


The device that provides power for fork lifting and mast tilting is composed of oil pump, multi-way reversing valve and pipeline.


⑥ Brake device


It is similar to the braking device of a car, but the brake of a counterbalanced forklift is only arranged on the driving wheel. The main parameter that expresses the performance of the forklift is the rated lifting capacity under the standard lifting height and standard load center distance. The load center distance is the distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork.


What are the advantages of counterbalance forklifts


Forklifts are essential equipment in many industries, from construction and manufacturing to warehousing and logistics. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to meet different needs, and one type that is becoming more popular is the counterbalanced forklift.


So, what are the advantages of counterbalance forklifts?


One of the main advantages is that they are versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks. This makes them ideal for businesses that need to move heavy objects but don't have room for specialized equipment such as cranes.


Another advantage is that they are very flexible, even in tight spaces. This makes them ideal for use in warehouses where space is often at a premium.


Finally, counterbalance forklifts are generally very reliable and require little maintenance, which helps keep operating costs down.


Counterbalance forklifts have many advantages. These include:


1. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks.


2. They are very flexible and ideal for tight spaces.


3. Low center of gravity, stable and safe to use.


4. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the one that suits your needs.


The main advantage of counterbalance forklifts is that they are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.


They are also relatively easy to operate and maintain, making them a good choice for many businesses.


Another advantage of counterbalance forklifts is that they are less prone to tipping over than other types of forklifts, which can make them safer to use.





Counterbalance forklift development direction


There are the following aspects: ① Improve the reliability of the forklift, reduce the failure rate, and improve the actual service life of the forklift.


②Through the study of ergonomics, the positions of various joysticks, steering wheels and driver's seat are more reasonable, so that the driver has a wide field of vision, comfortable operation, and is not easy to fatigue.


③ Use engines with low noise, low exhaust gas pollution and low fuel consumption, or take noise reduction and exhaust gas purification measures to reduce environmental pollution.


④ Develop new varieties, develop variant forklifts and various new attachments, and expand the scope of use of forklifts.


⑤ Develop unmanned forklifts to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, handling mechanization and automation.


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