What are the safe operating procedures for electric forklifts that you need to know

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What are the safe operating procedures for electric forklifts that you need to know?


Safe operation rules for electric forklifts


1. Operators can only start work after training and assessment of pre-job safety education, three good, four meetings, and five disciplines in the "Equipment Management Regulations".



2. Before working every day, you should first check the following safety functions


1. The speaker function is normal.


2. The operation function is perfect.


3. The brake function is normal.


4. The hydraulic function is normal.


3. Brake


1. When the manipulator arm moves up to the highest position or moves down to the lowest position, the forklift will stop running after power off.


2. When the direction switch is turned to the reverse position during normal operation, the electric braking function can be performed. Controlling the running speed can control the size of the driving force of the walking motor.


4. Steering

The steering is controlled by the manipulator arm, and the steering angle can be anywhere within the range of 90º in the left and right directions.


5. Parking

Release the direction selector switch, lower the fork to the lowest position, so that there is no system pressure in the hydraulic system; release the control arm, the control arm will automatically return to the parking brake position, turn the key switch to OFF.


6. the use of safety and maintenance


  1. Use strictly according to the instructions, do not undercharge, overcharge or overdischarge.


  2. When the battery cell voltage is lower than 1.7V, stop using it and charge it in time. After charging, the electrolyte density was adjusted to 1.28g/cm3.


3. During the charging process, the temperature of the electrolyte should not exceed 45°C. When charging, open the water caps of all batteries, and it is strictly forbidden to approach an open flame.


4. The supplementary solution must use the special water for the battery, and the water cannot be mixed with sundries during the process of adding water, otherwise it will cause self-discharge or produce toxic gas. Do not replenish water and keep the surface of the battery clean and dry, otherwise it will reduce the capacity of the battery and shorten the service life of the battery.


5. The user should perform reliable inspection and maintenance of the liquid level and connecting line once a week. If the liquid level is too low, it will cause accidents such as battery heating and burning.


6. If the used battery is not used temporarily, it should be fully charged, stored in a ventilated and dry place, and recharged once a month.


7. When the voltage is lower than 21V, it means that the battery power is insufficient, and the battery can be charged as soon as possible before continuing to use it.


7. Before and after get off work


relevant spot inspection and maintenance work must be done to keep the equipment clean and complete.


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