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Electric Pallet Stacker Series - KLD

Apilador de baterías - kld15eg






Sólo para paletas de un solo lado   

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Battery-powered Stackers - KLD15EG Battery-powered Stackers - KLD15EG Battery-powered Stackers - KLD15EG Battery-powered Stackers - KLD15EG Battery-powered Stackers - KLD15EG

    Apilador accionado por batería - carro de paletas kinlift

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    Load Capacity Chart


    Lift Height(mm)
    Load Center at 600 mm
    1600 1600 2000
    2000 1600 2000
    2500 1600 2000
    3000 1200 1600
    3500 800 1200


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    Brief Introduction of Product

    What is Battery-powered Stackers? Battery-powered Stackers is the main lifting and transportation equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse. It is a special hoisting equipment developed with the three-dimensional warehouse. The use of this unequipped warehouse can reach up to 4im. Most of them are within 10~25m. The main purpose of the stacker is to run back and forth between the roadways of the three-dimensional warehouse, and store the goods in the second lane into the storage compartment. Or take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport them to the entrance of the roadway. This equipment can only be operated in a warehouse. Other equipment is also required to allow the goods to enter and leave the warehouse.


    ◎  Mechanical turning system, operated by an operating handle.

    ◎  With Horizontal drive, drive wheels are able-dismantled and easy to replace.

    ◎  Mast is reinforced by precise steel side-rollers that perform guiding to lessen the friction, which improves the mast stability.

    ◎  Adopt national standard 1244 leaf chain replace traditional roller chain, which is safer to lift cargo. 

    ◎  Straddle legs are made of solid flat iron that makes lifting safer.

    ◎  With a rider platform that performs shock-absorption. 

    ◎  Configured with Kinlift Dedicated controller, AlBRIGHT contactor, AMP water-proof connector assembly of power supply.

    ◎  Designed with multiplied brake - power-off brake of electromagnetic clutch, regenerating brake, reversal brake, anti-skid brake on the ramp. 

    ◎  Sleeve type of adjustable goods forks are more flexible and convenient to operate.

    ◎  Cut off power-supply automatically at the top lifting height.

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    Optional Configuration

    ◎  Special model of refrigerated storage

    ◎  Fixed goods forks

    ◎  Wider straddle legs customized.

    ◎  Able-dismantled and folded protective armrest

    ◎  Li-ion Battery

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    Standard Configuration

    Battery-powered Stackers

  • 05

    Optional Configuration

    Battery-powered Stackers



    About pallet jack automatic


    A pallet jack automatic is a machine that helps to move pallets and other large items around a warehouse or industrial space. It operates much like a normal pallet jack, with the exception that it has an electric motor that helps to move the load. This type of equipment is often used in warehouses where space is at a premium, as it can help to reduce the amount of time that is needed to move a pallet.


    About standard pallet truck


    Standard pallet trucks are used to move large quantities of goods. They are similar in size to a tractor trailer, but have a narrower frame. They are powered by a diesel engine and can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as a forklift. Standard pallet trucks are often used to move goods in warehouses or distribution centers.


    About wide fork pallet jack 


    A wide fork pallet jack is a must-have tool for any warehouse or manufacturing floor. This versatile machine can lift and move large objects quickly and easily, making it a valuable asset to any business. With a wide variety of options available, there is sure to be a wide fork pallet jack that fits your needs.


    About us

    Kinlift pallet trucks is a professional counterbalance pallet stacker, Electric forklift manufacturers, the products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, please contact us to book related forklifts.


    Kinlift pallet trucks is a professional supplier of Battery-powered Stackers, with good quality and low price. We sincerely recruit domestic and foreign agents. Battery-powered Stackers products are exported to dozens of foreign countries and regions. Welcome to contact us for cooperation.


    Kinlift pallet trucks is a professional supplier of Battery-powered Stackers. The quality of Battery-powered Stackers has been certified by the country and the price is low. Welcome new and old customers to call and book in bulk.  


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    For more information on Pedestrian Li-ion Pallet Stackers - KLD-G, click here.

    For more information on Electric Pallet Stackers of Self Loading - KLD-H, click here.

    For more information on Walkie Battery-powered Pallet Stackers - KLD-DA/K, click here.

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