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Tow Tractor Series - KLB

Tractor de tracción eléctrica con volante - klb30 / 40 / 50 / 60



◎ Carretilla elevadora especial para refrigeración

◎ Batería importada

◎ Batería de alta capacidad 300 ah

◎ Batería de iones de litio

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Electric Seated Tow Tractors with  steering wheel

    Tractor de asiento eléctrico con volante - camión de bandeja de elevación de par

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    Product Profile

    What is Electric Seated Tow Tractors with  steering wheel? Tractor is a self-propelled power machine used to pull and drive working machinery to complete various mobile operations. It can also be used as a fixed operating power. It consists of systems or devices such as engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical instrumentation, driving control and traction. According to the structure type, it is divided into wheel type, crawler type, boat-shaped tractor and self-propelled chassis.


    ◎  Operated by a steering wheel

    ◎  The vehicle is configured with main controller of Curtis, contactor of ALBRIGHT, and water-proof connector assembly of electric power supply of AMP

    ◎  Warning flash lamp

    ◎  Adjustable operator seat is comfortable and safe for an operator to drive.

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    Optional Configuration

    ◎  Special forklifts for refrigerated storage

    ◎  Imported battery

    ◎  High-capacity battery 300 AH

    ◎  Li-ion battery


    China Electric Tow Tractor supplier


    Kinlift pallet trucks is a professional counterbalance pallet stacker, Electric forklift manufacturers, the products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, please contact us to book related forklifts.


    Kinlift pallet trucks is a professional supplier of Electric Seated Tow Tractors with  steering wheel. The quality of Electric Seated Tow Tractors with  steering wheel has been certified by the country and the price is low. Welcome new and old customers to call and book in bulk.


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    Kinlift Electric Tow Tractor


    Wholesale Electric Seated Tow Tractors with  steering wheel, choose Kinlift pallet trucks, Products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. Service tenet:The company will adhere to “Take the good faith as the premise, quality and service as the center, achieve the win-win goal with the cooperator” more attentively to provide customers around the world with products in superior quality and services. 

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