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Electric Pallet Stacker Series - KLD

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Applicable for single-faced pallet only   

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China Pallet stackers supplier

    China Pallet stackers supplier - Kinlift pallet trucks

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    Load Capacity Chart


    Lift Height(mm)
    Load Center at 600 mm
    1600 1600 2000
    2000 1600 2000
    2500 1600 2000
    3000 1200 1600
    3500 800 1200


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    Brief Introduction of Product

    What is Battery-powered Stackers? Battery-powered Stackers is the main lifting and transportation equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse. It is a special hoisting equipment developed with the three-dimensional warehouse. The use of this unequipped warehouse can reach up to 4im. Most of them are within 10~25m. The main purpose of the stacker is to run back and forth between the roadways of the three-dimensional warehouse, and store the goods in the second lane into the storage compartment. Or take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport them to the entrance of the roadway. This equipment can only be operated in a warehouse. Other equipment is also required to allow the goods to enter and leave the warehouse.


    ◎  Mechanical turning system, operated by an operating handle.

    ◎  With Horizontal drive, drive wheels are able-dismantled and easy to replace.

    ◎  Mast is reinforced by precise steel side-rollers that perform guiding to lessen the friction, which improves the mast stability.

    ◎  Adopt national standard 1244 leaf chain replace traditional roller chain, which is safer to lift cargo. 

    ◎  Straddle legs are made of solid flat iron that makes lifting safer.

    ◎  With a rider platform that performs shock-absorption. 

    ◎  Configured with Kinlift Dedicated controller, AlBRIGHT contactor, AMP water-proof connector assembly of power supply.

    ◎  Designed with multiplied brake - power-off brake of electromagnetic clutch, regenerating brake, reversal brake, anti-skid brake on the ramp. 

    ◎  Sleeve type of adjustable goods forks are more flexible and convenient to operate.

    ◎  Cut off power-supply automatically at the top lifting height.

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    Optional Configuration

    ◎  Special model of refrigerated storage

    ◎  Fixed goods forks

    ◎  Wider straddle legs customized.

    ◎  Able-dismantled and folded protective armrest

    ◎  Li-ion Battery

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    Standard Configuration

    Battery-powered Stackers

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    Optional Configuration

    About China Pallet stackers supplier:


    Battery-powered Stackers


    Kinlift China Pallet stackers supplier


    The pallet stacker is designed for stacking up to 6.5m pallets and short and long distance horizontal transportation, including standing, bungalow, standing and sitting models, and can provide various masts and nominal 1.0 to 2.0 tons capacity. The series also includes straddle models for handling wide loads and initial lift models with large ground clearance, allowing operation on slopes and uneven surfaces.


    The electric pallet stacker can be customized according to your application requirements. The programmable controller can be used to set the driving speed, instantaneous speed, and elevator speed to solve the fragile load with safety. Through the modification of specific needs, these pallet stackers can be used in various warehouse stacking challenges. In addition, whether it is in a compact place or short/long distance operation, the chassis design has sufficient stability.


    Advantages of pallet stacker:

    1. Easy transportation

    2. Multi-row high stacking

    3. High efficiency

    4. Low-cost options until the finish line

    5. Zero emissions


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More detailed parameters

Download the PDF to learn more product parameters.

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