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Electric Pallet Truck Series - KLT

Electric pallet truck


Electric pallet truck



Suits both single-faced and double-faced pallet

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electric pallet truck

    low level hand pump pallet truck suppliers - Kinlift Forklifts Electric pallet truck

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    About pallet truck suppliers


    Pallet truck suppliers are businesses that provide trucks, trailers, and other equipment that are specifically designed to move pallets. These companies can be found in a variety of industries, including transportation, warehousing, and manufacturing. The suppliers typically offer a wide range of services, including customizations for specific needs, as well as competitive pricing.


    About hand pump pallet truck


    Hand pump pallet truck is a new type of truck that is mainly used for transporting goods. It has a hand pump mounted on the chassis that can be used to lift goods off the ground. This type of truck is said to be more efficient and easier to use than traditional trucks.


    About low level pallet truck


    Low level pallet trucks are a cost-effective and efficient way to transport goods. They are also versatile, able to move a variety of items, including food and pharmaceuticals. These trucks can be used for a variety of purposes, including warehouse pickup and delivery, cargo transportation, and product redistribution.



    The performance characteristics of electric pallet truck:


    The drive wheels, load wheels and balance wheels of Electric pallet truck use special rubber/polyurethane wheels, which greatly extend the service life; the ultra-small body design can be applied to various narrow passages; the running speed is fast, the load capacity is strong, and the Greatly improve efficiency; original imported stepless speed regulation computer system, large-capacity traction battery.


    Multi-function handle of Electric pallet truck: The operator can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. Easily control the driving speed. If you need to accelerate, just turn the acceleration switch on the handle. The greater the rotation, the faster the vehicle speed.


    Delayed acceleration work: If the operator accelerates and rotates to the fastest speed, the machine's special work will automatically turn on, and it will run from low speed to high speed in 3-8 seconds to prevent injury to people due to acceleration too fast.


    Power-off braking ability: The handle is used to brake when it is upright. When operating, the handle is pressed down to work. When it is pressed to the bottom, it is also braked. When the cargo is heavy when going up and down, the operator can also brake on the slope. Prevent the car from sliding downhill freely and reduce accidents.


    The five-point structure of the Electric pallet truck: The unique structure can bring higher stability of the vehicle, especially on slippery ground or slopes, which can play its role better.


    Driving wheel shock absorption system: The pressure of the driving wheel changes with the light load. The machine's shock absorption system will automatically absorb the shock according to the weight of the goods, especially when the ground is uneven, it has a unique effect. The stability of the vehicle can be adjusted by itself.

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    Optional Configuration

    Configuration structure of electric pallet truck:


    1. Integral motor drive system (including electromagnetic brake); vertical arrangement of series-excited walking motor, low heat operation, reliable performance; with driving and steering functions.


    2. The integrated hydraulic power unit integrates the lifting motor, control valve, gear oil pump and oil tank pipeline accessories into one, which is stable, reliable, energy-saving and noise-reducing.


    3. MOS tube electronic control components, with stepless speed regulation and thermal protection functions.


    4. The high-quality, large-capacity domestically made 430Ah battery can extend continuous working time and improve production efficiency. (Imported batteries can be equipped according to user needs)


    5. The four-bar linkage fork lifting system is more reliable, easier to manufacture, and easier to obtain higher manufacturing accuracy.


    6. The electric pallet truck is equipped with large operating armrests and a fixed-station anti-skid operating platform to provide operators with more humanized safety protection.


    7. Electric pallet truck uses 3D software for system and component design.


    8. Electric pallet truck uses industrial styling design to carry out a new appearance creative design.


    9. All wheels of Electric pallet truck are imported polyurethane parts.



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