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China electric tow tractor

    China electric tow tractor - Kinlift Forklifts electric tow tractor

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    A brief introduction of China electric tow tractor:


    The China electric tow tractor is driven by a motor and is used for the transportation of large quantities of goods inside and outside the workshop, the transportation of assembly line materials, and the material handling between large factories. The materials are often stored in trailers and tractors are needed to solve the efficient transportation of materials in different intervals. The rated traction load ranges from 1000kg to 6000kg.


    According to the purpose of the vehicle, it can be classified into a ride-on electric tow tractor, stand-on electric tow tractor, mini tractor, electric dual-drive tractor, walk-behind electric tow tractor, electric material tractor, all-electric stacker, There are many types of balanced electric stackers, traction electric stackers and so on.


    The development trend of China electric tow tractor:


    The characteristics and market analysis of electric tow tractor:


    Electric tow tractor has the advantages of high energy conversion efficiency, low noise, no exhaust gas emission, and convenient control. To meet the needs of various logistics transportation and distribution systems, it can significantly improve the efficiency of production operations. With the development of the logistics industry and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the market demand for electric tow tractors is increasing. Wherever countries attach great importance to environmental protection, electric vehicles are very useful. About 80% of tractors in our country still use fuel as power, but with the increase in environmental governance, relevant departments are considering using electric tow tractors instead of internal combustion tractors.


    Features and use occasions of China electric tow tractor:


    The market demand is analyzed and forecasted, and the development trend of electric tow tractor technology in the following aspects is analyzed in detail: walking motor and its controller are developing from DC technology to AC technology; vehicle communication is developing in the direction of networking, which improves the data The reliability and communication speed of communication reduce the cost of the control system and greatly improve the control level of the electric tow tractor; hydraulic power steering replaces mechanical steering technology, which is light and comfortable, and has good maneuverability; the braking system is developing in the direction of hydraulic power braking, The braking is light and the response is fast; the wet multi-disc brake replaces the dry brake, which prolongs the service life of the brake, increases the braking torque, shortens the braking distance, and improves the braking safety of the whole vehicle.


    Kinlift Forklifts is one of the leading China Electric forklift manufacturers that focuses on counterbalance pallet stacker. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish competitive advantage, and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition.


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