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Electric Reach Forklift Series - KLR

Long electric pallet jacks




Workable for both single-faced and double-faced pallet

Model: FB30

Capacity: 3000KG

Controller: USA Curtis AC


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Long electric pallet jack

    Long electric pallet jack- Kinlift pallet trucks

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    Brief Introduction of Product

    Main features


    All electric with electric lift and forward/reverse drive

    Removable lithium-ion battery

    variable speed

    Electromagnetic braking system improves safety

    easy to operate

    Improved Design

    Flip lid to reduce water ingress

    Optional handle cover and charger bracket available


    Electronic and hydraulic overload protection.


    - Well-known brand batteries and chargers, you can also choose to use Chinese brand batteries.


    - Reasonable structure, better heat dissipation of the controller


    - Optional battery automatic water replenishment


    -Adopt a powerful AC drive motor to reduce maintenance costs and improve overall performance.



    Application fields:


    1. Warehouse

    2. Port

    3. Factory

    4. Distribution center

    5. Logistics



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    Standard Configuration


    About Long electric pallet jack


    If you're looking for an electric pallet jack that can handle extra-long loads, then a long electric pallet jack is the perfect solution. With its extended fork lengths and higher weight capacities, this jack is perfect for handling extra-long pallets, pipes, and other oversized items.

    What's great about a long electric pallet jack is that it allows the operator to reach further without requiring them to exert additional effort. This is thanks to the powered lift and lower functions that make it easy to maneuver large and heavy loads.

    Safety is always a top concern when handling heavy and cumbersome loads, and a long electric pallet jack won't disappoint in this regard. It's equipped with brakes that provide ample stopping power, ensuring that the load stays secure and stable during transport.

    Another advantage of using a long electric pallet jack is that it can operate for extended periods, making it ideal for high-volume warehouses and distribution centers. With its reliable electric motor, this jack can handle numerous loads without requiring frequent maintenance or downtime.

    In conclusion, a long electric pallet jack is an excellent investment for anyone looking to streamline their material handling operations. With features like extended fork length, increased weight capacity, and smooth, effortless operation, this equipment is sure to make any job easier and more efficient.


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More detailed parameters

Download the PDF to learn more product parameters.

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