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As opposed to forklift drivers who must leave their driving position

As opposed to forklift drivers who must leave their driving position when transporting materials using forks, tow tractor drivers do not have to leave their driving position when transporting a load - thus increasing operator safety while protecting goods or infrastructure against damage. Furthermore, fork-free operations may also be more efficient due to reduced traffic needs which leads to reduced operating costs.
Electric tow tractors provide an efficient solution for horizontal transport of loads in industrial facilities, warehouses and logistics centres. Equipped with powerful AC drive motors that generate high torque and gradability capabilities, these trucks allow safe operation on slopes or uneven surfaces while increasing overall machine efficiency.
Handle-operated tow Tractors come in different sizes and come equipped with additional features that suit different applications. Smaller ones are perfect for logistics and industry use, while larger models can handle cargo in airports or heavy industries. Furthermore, models equipped with driver-seated cabins protect from dust or other external influences while their driving position provides an ergonomic workplace for the operator.
Linde tow tractors are constantly being improved from their drive and braking system to their control unit to increase comfort and safety for operators. Our large platform trucks feature hydraulic oscillating elements in their cabs to eliminate shockwaves reaching drivers; thus enabling them to remain focused for longer before becoming fatigued as quickly. Similarly, smaller tow tractors feature fully suspended driver platforms and damping floor mats for an optimal driving experience that keeps drivers well-supported.
Tow tractors are ideal for transporting rollable load carriers such as transport trolleys, making them the perfect solution in warehouses or work areas where space is at a premium since their manoeuvrability allows for tight spaces to be navigated easily. Furthermore, their high towing capacities enable these trucks to complete so-called ' milk runs' - routes around factories with specific stops to deliver or collect trailers or cargo at designated points.
Kinlift's electric tow tractors boast robust components and heavy-gauge steel that combine to deliver exceptional performance under tough conditions. Their AC traction system and e-GEN braking system, together with Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control technology, enable superior handling and stability; this allows operators to remain at peak performance throughout their shifts while decreasing overall costs of ownership over time.
Tow tractors feature intuitive controls designed to provide operators with an exceptional driving experience, including twin grip steering controls that enable natural, neutral hand placement; intuitively arranged controls; brakes to stop rolling backwards on gradients and an emergency button that ensures your workers remain safe when driving; as well as multiple safety systems like brakes that stop backwards movement when ascending steep hills; emergency buttons and more to ensure safe operations and ensure everyone remains safe during use.