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Warehouse Electric Stackers (WESs) are power-driven trucks designed to lift

Warehouse Electric Stackers (WESs) are power-driven trucks designed to lift and transport pallets in warehouse environments. WESs are ideal for carrying loads that are too high for standard pallet trucks to handle as well as stacking goods onto racks for more product storage in limited areas. Kinlift offers light-duty to heavy-duty models - each designed specifically to fulfill various applications within warehouse industries.
Warehouse Electric Stackers provide employees with an alternative to manual hydraulic pallet lifters that may cause strain to their back, shoulders, and necks by making tasks simpler to complete with reduced effort. Their use is made even more effective as they're quicker to maneuver around the workplace, speeding up operations. They can even be utilized for lifting heavier items that do not easily fit onto pallets.
Warehouse Electric Stackers can be powered either by diesel or electricity and come in various sizes to suit the needs of any business and available space. A walkie stacker is one example; typically around twice the size of a manual pallet truck, using batteries to power an electric motor that lifts loads between 4,500-6,000 lbs with just the push of a button compared to manually pumping its handle.
Warehouse Electric Stackers are an excellent solution for warehouses without enough room for larger material-handling vehicles, like forklifts. Narrow stackers also exist that have similar loading capacities while being more compact due to a slimmer design allowing them to fit into tighter spaces than their standard walkie pallet truck counterparts.
Kinlift electric stackers provide an efficient and flexible solution to meet all of your warehouse needs, providing safe transportation of heavier loads over longer distances thanks to its powerful electric motor engine mounted at the rear of its truck and capable of lifting heavy loads over vast distances.
Kinlift offers light and heavy-duty warehouse electric stackers designed to meet your specific requirements, all CE marked and compliant with European safety regulations with excellent fuel economy. Get in touch now to see how we can assist your warehouse equipment needs!