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Electric pallet truck is a kind of light and small warehousing industrial vehicle that is widely used at home and abroad and has huge market potential. It is powered by a battery, driven by a DC motor, a hydraulic work station is lifted, a joystick is centralized control, and it is standing driving. The operation of the electric pallet truck is convenient, stable and fast; the appearance is small and the operation is flexible; low noise, low pollution, can be operated in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses, goods yards, workshops and other places, especially suitable for light industrial industries such as food, textile, printing, etc.


The driving wheel, load wheel, and balance wheel of the electric pallet truck adopt special rubber/polyurethane wheels, which greatly extend the service life; the ultra-small body design can be applied to various narrow passages; the running speed is fast, the load capacity is strong, and the maximum Improve efficiency; original imported stepless speed regulation computer system, large-capacity traction battery


Multi-function handle of electric pallet truck: The operator can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. Easily control the driving speed. If you need to accelerate, just turn the acceleration switch on the handle. The greater the rotation, the faster the vehicle speed.


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Delayed acceleration of the electric pallet truck: if the operator accelerates and rotates to the fastest speed, the machine's unique function will automatically turn on, and it will run from low speed to high speed in 3-8 seconds to prevent acceleration from being too fast for people cause some damages. Power-off braking ability: The handle is used to brake when it is upright. When operating, the handle is pressed down to work. When it is pressed to the bottom, it is also braked. When the cargo is heavy when going up and down, the operator can also brake on the slope. Prevent the car from sliding downhill freely and reduce accidents.


The five-point structure of the electric pallet truck: the unique structure can bring higher stability of the vehicle, especially on the slippery ground or slope, it can play its role better.

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