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  • Electric counterbalance forklift
    Electric counterbalance forklift
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Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift


The main components of Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift are power unit, transmission unit, steering unit, working unit, hydraulic system and brake unit.


1. The power unit of the Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift


There are two kinds of internal combustion engine and battery-electric motor for forklift as power device. For occasions with stricter requirements for noise and air pollution, battery-motor should be used as power. If an internal combustion engine is used, a muffler and exhaust gas purification device should be installed.


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2. Transmission device of Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift


Used to transmit the motive power to the driving wheels, there are three types: mechanical, hydraulic and hydraulic. The mechanical transmission device consists of a clutch, a gearbox and a drive axle. The hydraulic transmission device is composed of a hydraulic torque converter, a power shift transmission and a drive axle. The hydraulic transmission device is composed of hydraulic pumps, valves and hydraulic motors. Forklift transmissions are characterized by roughly the same number of gears and speeds for forward and reverse.


3.Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift steering device


Used to control the driving direction of the forklift, generally composed of steering gear, steering rod and steering wheel. Forklifts below 1 ton generally use mechanical steering gears, and forklifts above 1 ton mostly use power steering gears. The characteristic of the forklift steering device is that the steering wheel is at the rear of the vehicle body.


4. Hydraulic system of Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift


The device that provides power for the lifting of the fork and the tilting of the mast is composed of an oil pump, a multi-way reversing valve and pipelines.


5. Braking device of Electric Counterbalanced 4-wheeler Forklift


Similar to the brake device of a car, but the brakes of the forklift are only arranged on the driving wheels. The main parameter that expresses the performance of the forklift is the rated lifting capacity under the standard lifting height and standard load center distance. The load center distance is the distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork.

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