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China Fully Electric Counterbalanced Forklift


Product Profile of Fully Electric Counterbalanced Forklift:


1. Type of counterbalanced forklift without baselegs, applicable to single-faced and double-faced pallet.


2. EPS turning system, with handlebar steering


3. Design of lightweight short-wheelbase, specially applicable to building floor’s operation and short-distance stacking.


4. Horizontal drive, drive wheel can be able-dismantled and quite convenient to replace it.


5. Mast additionally installed precise side rolling wheel that functions guidance with less friction, effectively boosts the stability of forklift mast.


6. Chinese standard 1244 plate chain, safer for lifting operation.


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Features of Fully Electric Counterbalanced Forklift:


1. Maintenance free AC driving motor


2. The low gravity design provide good stablity.


3. With low engergy cost, it can meet the common working time.


4. Three sets braking system: hand brake, foot brake, AC driving regenerative brake


5. It is comfortable with big operate space


6. Hydraulic mechanical safety protection: fast cut off valve, lowering speed valve, locked tilting valve, overloading valve


7. Electric system safety protection: limited tilting speed function at high position, undervoltage protection function, relay fuse assembly, natural cooling and fan cooling

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